"Shemia is a once-in-a-generation leader at a time when we face once-in-a-lifetime threats to our democracy. Shemia has the courage and conviction to meet those threats head-on and win."
Governor Barbara Roberts
Barbara Roberts
Former Secretary of State and Governor

Mom. Civil Rights Attorney. Fighter.

Growing up poor in rural Oregon, Dufur and The Dalles, opportunity seemed out of reach for Shemia. Oregon’s public schools changed that and gave her a path. Since then, Shemia has worked every day to ensure all Oregonians have that same opportunity. As State Representative and Senator, Shemia has: 

  • Increased investment in our public schools
  • Raised wages and passed paid family leave
  • Made housing and healthcare more affordable
  • Expanded voting rights.

As your Secretary of State, Shemia will protect the integrity of: 

  • Our elections ensure every vote counts, every voter has faith that it does, and elected leaders show up for work and honor your votes. 
  • Our public records, closing the “secret ballot” loophole in Salem and making the government transparent and accountable.
  • Our public investments, using audits to ensure public services serve marginalized communities and mitigate climate change’s impact.

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