Eastern Oregon Roots

Senator Shemia Fagan is a working mom and a proud lifelong Oregonian who grew up in and out of poverty in Dufur and The Dalles. She struggled early on both at home and at school. But Shemia’s elementary school teacher saw she needed help. He invited her to join the school’s chess team, giving her something to be excited about in the classroom. Shemia went on to become the first girl in Oregon’s to win the statewide chess championship – and the world opened for her.

After putting herself through college and law school, Shemia dedicated her life to public service. She knew firsthand the power of a public school teacher to change lives.  She started serving on the David Douglas School Board. Later as an Oregon State Representative and Senator, Shemia has worked to lower barriers to success for working Oregonians. She’s helped increase funding for our public schools, pass paid family and medical leave, and ensure equal pay for equal work. Shemia has made it easier for every Oregonian to exercise their fundamental right to vote by eliminating barriers and increasing access to the ballot. 

Oregon’s proud tradition of voting by mail is under attack from Donald Trump. Shemia is running for Secretary of State because she knows it’s never been more important to protect and expand our fundamental right to vote in Oregon. And with the state reeling from the effects of the COVID crisis, Shemia will use the power of the audits department to ensure that struggling families quickly get the unemployment assistance they deserve. She’ll ensure our state’s tax dollars go to where they’re supposed to: helping Oregonians in our schools, our health care system, our small businesses and our environment.

Today Shemia is a civil rights attorney, state senator and most importantly, a mom to Alton and Imogene.

Learn more about Shemia by watching the video below.